What can I do for you?

Project management

Since four years I have worked in project management and I still enjoy it very much. The coordination between team and client is most important for me.


Since 1999 I develop websites and online shops. PHP is my true passion. At the moment I mainly develop using eZ Publish.

Mada Translation

Coordination between translators and clientsMada TranslationCo-Founder of Mada Translation


is an extension I wrote for eZ Publish. It is supposed to improve communication with different Google applications. see Github for more


This projekt has become a little hobby during the last months. The goal is to create an AJAX Controller with which an additional Java Script is not necessary.It will be programmed with HTML tags and attributes. Backbone.js is the basis. Further details will follow soon.


at the eZ Summer Camp 2013
eZ Summer Camp

Folge mir "unauffällig"

Some Short Facts about Me

David Hohl
Name David Hohl
moment of glory 13.03.1981 in Linz - 35 years young
Place of residence Berlin (at the moment)
Phone 0049 171 3011 754
Skype fishme.de
eMail Please scan this
Social Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, About.me, Facebook
Shoe Size 45
  • Austrian (mother tongue)
  • German
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (in progress)
  • Jogging, Fell running (no mountains in Berlin)
  • Climbing & Bouldering
  • Internet
  • Travelling
What friends
say about me
  • fun-loving
  • ambitious
  • ready to help
  • friendly
Blogger eZ Publish Blog
Austria Meetup Austrians in Berlin


In General
  • Project Management
  • Conception / UX
  • Team leading
  • SEO, Onpage/Offpage
  • Google Adwords/Analytics
  • A/B Tests
last contact: 2003
  • Visual Basic
  • Centura (Gupta)
  • ASP
  • VBA
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • MS Office, iWorks
  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Flash
  • OSX, Linux (Shell), Windows;
  • Repository: GIT, SVN, CVS;
Shop Systems
  • CS Cart
  • OS Commerce
  • XT Commerce
  • Magento (basics)
Server Side
  • PHP 5 (OOP)
  • MySql
  • Maria
Management Tools
  • Basecamp
  • Confluence
  • Redmine
  • Scrum
  • Kanban


since February 2014

Redmarketing - www.redmarketing.de (Berlin)

Projekt Manager

Project management and Account;
Teamleading, Online Marketing, SEO and Senior Developer;

CMS Systeme Shops
Contao Magento

silver.solutions GmbH - www.silversolutions.de (Berlin)

Project Manager & Senior Developer

Project management and Account;
Presentation, Conception & Teamleading, Marketing, eZ Publish Developer

CMS Systems Shops Developing with
eZ Publish silver.eshop PHP 5 (and Symfony)
Wordpress jQuery, Backbone.js & Smartclient

02/2003 until 03/2011


durch Abgänge oder Relaunchs sind nicht mehr alle Seiten online (Stand 01.04.2013)

Reichl und Partner eMarketing GmbH - www.reichlundpartner.com (Linz)

Senior Shop Developer & Web Application Developer

Senior Shop Developer with CS-Cart, Website, Extranet, Intranet;
Projectmanagment und Account;

CMS Systems Shops Developing with
eZ Publish CS Cart PHP
Wordpress XT Commerce jQuery
Powerslave OS Commerce Prototype und Scriptaculous

08/2002 until 01/2003

Smartefox (Linz)

Projekt Manager

CTO for a salesportal; Developing with ASP und PHP

06/2001 bis 07/2002

EBIT - www.ebit.at (Linz)

Web Application Developer

Developing with ASP, Visual Basic, Connection to CTI Server

12/1999 until 06/2001

Data Systems - www.data-systems.at (Linz)

Web Application Developer

Developing ecommerce systems
with Centura, Visual Basic and VBA

04/1999 until 12/1999

Military service (Salzburg)


DVO (Linz)

Software Developer

Developing with Visual Basic